Backbreaker 5000 Poker Run For Fun

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What’s a Virtual Spot?? How is this going to work??? Is This a Race??? There are a lot of questions about the Back Breaker 5000 Poker Run for Fun so let’s clear some of that two stroke air….
Why do you not see the poker runs of years past anymore???? One word: LIABILITY. Over the years it’s been increasingly hard to ensure an event like this where we require you to go to certain places along Georgian bay. Snowmobiling is dangerous and while we will monitor conditions and work with local guides to ensure the safety of our “suggested routes” it’s impossible for us to control everyone else’s snowmobile behavior. Enter Virtual stops.

Each participant will only be required to submit 5 photos of them enjoying their snowmobile on Feb 19th to qualify for this poker run. We will have a few suggested routes and we will provide some scenic spots you may want to use as your virtual stops, however, due to insurance regulations, there is no requirement for you to participate beyond enjoying a snowmobile and submitting said photos to the team on penetang bay.

But wait how do I get my “cards” if I don’t have to go to a certain location??
Poker runs traditionally used cards and Texas hold ‘em style play to determine the winner of the run… not everyone plays poker, and you could be half way thru the run and have horrible cards ruining your day if you are serious about winning…. we’ve worked hard to make this a fun run for everyone and have adapted this method in the fairness way possible… The Poker Chip Run!

When each rider returns with their pictures at the end of the day, they will select 5 envelopes of randomly assorted poker chips from the finishing team… and a tally will be made of the totals of each colour you’ve received on a scoreboard. Once everyone has returned and selected their chips, we will randomly select 4 participants to draw a chip each from the bag to determine each chip colours values.
10 points
25 points
50 points
100 points

This way no one knows who is doing better or worst than the next person until the very end of the run when the values are determined.
We’ve Also added cash bonuses for things like Best Dressed, Highest Score by a Triple Cylinder, Worse Score etc!
Our goal here is simple, bring back the old times of fun in literally one of the most beautiful places in Ontario during winter GEORGIAN BAY!!
Our area had multiple events like radar and poker runs for us to enjoy and promote this area and somewhere that got lost…… WE’RE BRINGING IT BACK!!!
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